Hair laser removal at home

Hair removal can be quite expensive when done professionally, that’s why many people are opting in for a cheaper alternative which is to carry out the process at their own homes. While it’s safe and easy to carry out a hair removal laser in your home, you’ll need to be aware of other factors that may affect you.


Suitable for any skin types and hair colours

Did you know that hair removal laser previously only worked for people with dark hair and light skin? With the transformation of technology over the years, a new hair removal laser tool has been created to suit everyone’s hair and skin colour. Previously, hair removal lasers could only detect hairs with dark pigments. However, new hair removal lasers will now work for dark skins and light hairs.


Only works for certain parts of your body

The hair removal laser is very sensitive to other parts of your body including your ears, head, neck, nipples and genitalia. The laser is only suited for your underarms, legs, chest, arms, hands and feet. You also need to be aware that this procedure may not be suitable for anyone with overall sensitive skin.


Easy to use

One of the benefits of having a hair removal laser is that it’s straightforward to use. The laser works by pointing it to the area that you want to remove the hair from.



Although the laser is very easy to use and much cheaper than hiring a professional, the tools can still be quite costly. The cost can vary from £200-£500.


Requires more than one treatment

The hair growth cycle in different parts of your body will vary which means that you will need to carry out more than one treatment to completely remove the hair. It usually takes about 7-8 treatments to remove the hair completely.… Read more

model-female-girl-beautiful-51969-750x498 How To Minimise The Risks Of Laser Treatment Laser Treatment

How To Minimise The Risks Of Laser Treatment

You might have been put off by the idea of using laser technology to remove undesirable body hair, even if you’ve also heard about the supposed benefits of this highly effective treatment. The inconvenience of regularly shaving or waxing is enough to drive many women to have the treatment, but is it worth the risk of it going wrong?

In truth, there are a few risks involved with the most likely one being that the treatment simply won’t work. This depends on your skin type and a few other factors. The safety risks can all be managed as long as you apply common sense and know your facts.

  • Start by doing your own research into the treatment options available to you, and make sure that it’s feasible for you to undergo laser hair removal. Not everybody is a suitable candidate. Generally the ideal person for a laser would have light skin and dark hair.
  • Speak to local professionals who will be able to conduct the treatment should you choose to go ahead. Make sure they are completely qualified and that you can rely on them to give you the best possible care.
  • Remember that laser machines are not all the same, and in fact some systems can have very different results and may be designed for different people. There are several major types that are worth researching and getting an expert recommendation on (e.g. IPL, Diode, Alexandrite and so on).
  • Don’t wax or pluck your hairs immediately before having laser treatment, because they remove the root and this can stop the laser from having an effect on any hairs. It also makes the skin more vulnerable to damage. Instead you should shave, ideally a couple of days before the treatment.
  • Stay out of strong, direct sunlight immediately before and after your treatment, because the laser can intensify the risk of sun damage. Tanning salons are also to be avoided.
  • Anticipate some discomfort so you are not surprised in the event that the treatment is a little painful. In many cases, the pain is minimal or non-existent, so you don’t have much to worry about but it’s safer to be prepared and avoid a nasty surprise.
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pexels-photo-305564-750x500 Is Ultrasound The New Laser Treatment? Hair Removal

Is Ultrasound The New Laser Treatment?

It’s still something that most women aren’t too comfortable talking about, but unwanted body hair is often a daily struggle. It can lower our confidence, cost us money and waste a lot of time if we have to keep treating it. Of course, there is a lot of pressure on women in our society to act like undesirable hair simply doesn’t exist, so talking about how to deal with it usually isn’t considered acceptable.

As a result, it’s understandable that laser hair removal treatments have become extremely popular over the last few years. Technological advancements have presented us with a new range of choices for getting rid of those hairs we don’t want anyone to know about. Fortunately, there is now a great balance being struck between effectiveness and affordability in the commercial market, so great laser solutions are no longer prohibitively expensive.

However, we are now seeing the emergence of a new innovation which could actually replace laser technology in the near future. Ultrasound waves are now being used via small tweezer-like tools to destroy individual hair follicles, which is a similar concept to that used by lasers but with more precision. A major benefit of this option is that it can treat hairs of almost any colour, while laser treatments are only effectively on particular skin and hair types.

So should people with light hair or dark skin be getting excited about the prospect of heading to their local ultrasound hair removal clinic in the near future? Well, we aren’t sure if this is commercially viable for the mass market at this stage. Not many places are offering the service because of a few key drawbacks.

For one thing, the hairs must be treated individually, one at a time. They are held in the tweezer arms of the ultrasound device before the follicle is treated. This makes the process slow, and it means repeat sessions are required to prevent regrowth. On the other hand, the advantage of this is that the skin around each hair isn’t directly affected, and as a result there is no pain.

Perhaps in the near future we will see a more viable version of this method which works faster, although for now we expect that the go-to treatment for most women will still be laser-based technology.… Read more

pexels-photo-188691-750x471 Tips For Before, During & After Laser Hair Removal Hair Removal

Tips For Before, During & After Laser Hair Removal

Prices are continuing to come down for laser hair removal treatment, so it’s increasingly becoming an everyday solution to unwanted hair. The main benefit this offers when compared to shaving is that it’s a much more long term solution, making your daily routine a little easier for the foreseeable future.

However, it is worth considering a few things when you’re thinking about having laser treatment, and making sure that you take your own health and safety seriously above all else. Here are a few ideas which may help you prepare (and deal with the results).

How to prepare for laser hair removal

First of all, you need to check that you are eligible for laser hair removal. In many cases, people with very dark skin may find that it is completely ineffective, and it actually causes more of a risk of skin damage than for people with a lighter skin tone. People with certain skin conditions may also be more vulnerable and should not use this method.

Before you undergo laser hair removal treatment, make sure you shave the area immediately before. You should not use any other hair removal technique such as waxing, plucking or electrolysis in the month before your treatment, nor should you use any kind of tanning bed. Make sure the area to be treated is clean and not covered with any other substance, including make-up.

Things to remember

During your treatment, bear in mind that you may experience a little discomfort. Although many types of modern laser treatment are actually painless, others actually require an anaesthetic cream to be used on the area so as to minimise the pain. Make sure you have spoken to the professional carrying out the treatment so you know what to expect.

Depending on the colour of your skin pigmentation, laser treatment may not be completely effective for you. However, in most cases where this has been recommended by an expert, you can expect up to 85-95% effectiveness.

After your laser treatment

It is normal to experience some temporary swelling or redness around the area where you have been exposed to the laser, but if this does not improve within a day or two you should seek medical advice. In general, try not to expose your skin to any particularly high temperatures for a few days as it may be highly sensitive. If your skin feels uncomfortable, you might want to hold ice against it to help it cool down and ease any swelling.… Read more

Hair Removal Specialists in London

Although we may be based in L.A. we spend a lot of time travelling through the States and beyond! In London, the fashionable capital city of the UK, there are so many people getting into beauty treatments and looking after their appearance with high-tech hair removal, as well as people looking for more traditional grooming services.


Drakes of London is one of London’s premier traditional barber shops, offering a range of men’s grooming services like beard styling and trimming, plus haircuts and traditional shaves. However, they also specialise in ultra-modern laser hair removal treatment for men and even offer some excellent discounts on their laser sessions. The results of these procedures have been rated extremely highly.


Another option in London is the SK:N Clinic, one of a national chain of laser treatment specialists. As well as other dermatological procedures including scar treatments, dermal fillers and so on, the experts here pride themselves on the high safety standards in their practice and the level of training all their staff have reached, in order to offer clients peace of mind.


EF Medi Spa is another highly rated provider of laser hair removal in London. They offer a very broad range of services and treatments including some more unusual procedures such as 3D skin lifting and other facial treatments for the skin. Like most laser treatments they recommend returning for multiple sessions, as this is the most effective treatment method.


Our final recommendation would be the award-winning Courthouse Clinics. They are certainly among the top rated clinics in London and come highly recommended for their level of service and the standard of their work. Again this is a chain operating across the UK so you can be confident they know exactly what they’re doing.… Read more

Why you shouldn’t waste time on home laser treatments

With the surge in popularity of laser hair removal treatments in recent years, people have become more willing to try new methods for getting the job done. As the market grows and laser treatments become more of an established part of many people’s beauty regimes, it’s natural to expect that new opportunities will arise. This has happened relatively recently with the advent of cheaper, DIY options for laser hair treatments in the form of personal, hand-held machines that you can buy from normal cosmetics retailers.


Of course, many people are still happy to pay a premium for professional laser treatments conducted with full-size machines and overseen by experts. Obviously you are getting a higher standard of service here, and for a lot of people the investment is certainly worthwhile. If done properly, these procedures are intended to ensure no further hair removal is necessary. Paying just once for permanent hair removal is an attractive prospect for many people, so the high prices can be justified. You’re also paying for the expertise of the professionals who would normally offer you a personalised consultation as well as follow-up advice and assistance.


So stacked up against these benefits, why would someone choose to go for home treatments instead? The main reason is of course the cost, since handheld laser or IPL machines cost a fraction of what it costs to buy a full sized machine or even book a single session. For around $300 you can get hold of a machine by a leading brand and conduct your own hair removal treatments in your home. The convenience and low cost are obviously attractive, and the market is continuing to grow.


Unfortunately, there are some key differences between the kinds of treatment you’ll be getting when you look at it scientifically. Simply put, the machines do exactly the same thing whether they’re small, store-bought models or full-sized professional ones. The only real difference is the level of power used, and it is a big difference. This is what could make the difference between needing constant treatments and just having one to last you a lifetime, a major factor which should influence your choice.


The reason for the very low power level on handheld machines is pretty much down to health and safety regulations – in Europe the European Union is responsible for deciding standards, and they are fairly strict. In the United States the rules are even tighter since the FDA set particularly cautious limits on what is considered an acceptable and safe power level for home laser machines. This may be for the best as it certainly protects users from accidental damage, but it means these machines are so limited in terms of effectiveness that we can confidently say you’re better off saving your money.… Read more

Where To Go For Laser Hair Removal in L.A.

Of course we have experience in the field, so we’re often asked to recommend the best places in Los Angeles for laser hair removal treatment done by professionals. Here are a few of the best places you can choose from.

Celebrity Look Laser Center

This clinic offers a range of beauty services including professional makeup application and anti-wrinkle cosmetic procedures, but the main focus is on laser hair removal. Following a free consultation to establish your individual needs, they can offer standard laser treatments to eliminate hairs on the face and/or underarms in just a few minutes, or alternatively a longer appointment can be booked for specialist electrolysis which offers an even longer lasting effect.

DMH Aesthetics

This modern and comprehensive clinic offers an excellent range of hair removal treatment options including laser treatment, IPL and other niche options. Everything is based around providing top level service and the packages on offer are suitable for a range of very specific requirements. They even offer additional skin and facial treatments so if required you can enjoy the full package and transform your look entirely.

Your Laser Skin Care

Expert knowledge of products and procedures are on offer here at reasonable prices, thanks to highly trained and qualified staff who know exactly what they are talking about. As well as facial procedures like chemical peels and dermal fillers, various laser hair removal treatments are on offer which have had a great success rate for hundreds of happy clients.

Cleopatra Skin Care

An ideal choice if you’re searching for a comfortable atmosphere where you can feel confident about the standard of both the facility itself and the staff conducting the treatments. Highly effective laser treatments can be conducted in stages across multiple appointments if necessary, plus more cosmetic procedures are on offer and all completed to the same top standard.… Read more

Does IPL Hair Removal Actually Work?

Hair removal technology has come on in leaps and bounds in just a few short years. Now it is more popular than ever with people across the United States and indeed all over the world. This does mean that the range of treatments on offer can be somewhat confusing and it might feel difficult to identify which options are the safest and most effective for you. A big question to start with is whether to opt for laser treatment, or the common alternative: intense pulsed light (IPL).


IPL has several applications for skin treatments, and hair removal is just one of these, but it is the most common. IPL differs from laser treatment in the sense that it emits pulses of light on different wavelengths, rather than just one specific one, causing a different effect on the hairs being targeted. These individual hairs will vary in colour, which means they absorb light differently, hence the variation used in IPL treatment. The light pulses are absorbed and converted into heat by the hairs, which effectively destroys living cells.


Unfortunately it doesn’t work on dead cells, and at any given time only 20% to 40% of the hair on your body is attached to a living root, so you need to have multiple cycles of IPL treatment to effectively catch them all. Generally IPL is also considered less effective than laser hair removal because the effect is simply weaker and less reliable; although it may be suitable for very fair skin, it is unlikely to have the desired effect on darker pigmentation. In comparison to laser machines which can be set to a precise wavelength depending on the requirements of the person’s skin, IPL is somewhat random with its targeting which is why the effectiveness is reduced.


On the other hand, there are benefits to IPL which explain why it is still so widely used. For some people it can be perfectly effective, if returning for multiple treatments isn’t an issue. These people are able to benefit from the reduced cost of IPL treatment in comparison to full laser treatment, since professional IPL machines cost only a few thousand dollars and you can even buy simple DIY kits to use at home for as little as $300. A laser hair removal machine found in professional clinics would typically cost upwards of $40,000, and probably much more in many cases.… Read more

Discover Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Never Opt For An Home Laser Treatment Options

Are you looking for ways to do some home laser treatments so as to save some money in the long run? Or maybe you are looking for ways to get rid of those acne or blemishes on your skin? Then you have to check out this before it’s too late and that is the fact that home laser treatments aren’t good for your health and with the passage of time, you can only get worse.

In recent times, there have been plenty of debates over why home laser treatments should be discourages among women like you who are desperately looking for ways to retain their beauty and appear irresistible again. While a few saw nothing wrong with the practice others strongly advised against it pointing out that there are some side effects which may tend to affect you now or in the nearest future to come. You are about to discover the reasons why you shouldn’t waste your time on home laser treatments.


You are like to experience pains all over the affected areas of your body

This is perhaps the most noticeable side effect so of all and it is important to note that the pain which you are likely to go through or experience during the process of laser procedure is nothing compared to what you will experience when you are going through after the process itself. This is based on the fact that there are some topical anesthetics that can be applied to your skin so as to reduce the effects of the pain but you are still going to feel a little level of discomfort through the pains resurfacing every now and then.

Even though most times doctors tend to be trying in the aspect of attempting to have the pains reduced to a great extent by recommending pain killing pills, you are still likely to feel the pain while you wait for the wound to get healed.

Itching on your skin

Over the years this has always proven to be a notable effect of laser treatments. It can come in the form your skin being swollen or appearing red which may make you feel a little bit uncomfortable.

It should be noted that the chances of you suffering from this one strongly depends on the nature of your skin and how much it can be able to cope with the pressure of laser treatments. If you have the skin that tends to be too red then you are likely to suffer from swollenness and itching.

What about your skin being prone to infection


This is a very notable effect of home laser treatment procedures that you may currently be facing by trying apply cosmetics to your skin. It is very important to seek the advice of your doctor before deciding on which particular cream to start applying to your skin. This is because most of these cosmetics that you see today in the market will help you fight one problem in your body … Read more

Best Ways To Remove Unwanted Hair

Removing unsightly hair can be time consuming and costly.  Hair growing in areas where you do not want it to show is extremely frustrating to both males and females.  Sometimes an individual has dark hair and it sheds a shadow which can be very noticeable.  These types of looks are not appealing.  There are many options to consider for hair removal.  All the methods can be costly.


Waxing your hair off can be not only costly but torturous.  Salons have a list of amounts for every area you want to have your hair removed.  Then you must remember that the hair will grow back within 4 to 6 weeks.  Starting over again is not so kind as areas can become irritated.  This is one of the methods that you can do at home or you can go to a salon.   Going to a salon is easier if you are not familiar with using wax.  It can be messy and you can burn your skin in the process.

Hair Removal Lotions are another method you can use to remove hair.  Please be sure to read on the box if it is for the area you are looking to remove hair.  Many of these lotions do not want you to use them on your face.  Women please use only the lotions that say you can use on your facial hair.  This give you about 2 weeks free from hair.  However, your hair will be back.  Follow the directions carefully.  Before applying it to an entire area do a patch test.  Many people are allergic to these lotions as they are harsh on skin.

Laser Removal is a great way to go in removing hair forever.  This is a very costly endeavor where you will need not only time but lots of money.  Many sessions are needed and the laser does sting for a short period.  Remember that this method will cost you upfront where as the other methods will cost you the same just over a period of time.  Should you have unsightly hair to be remove invest in Laser Hair Removal.


Electrolysis is another permanent hair removal method that goes hand in hand with the laser.  When all your treatments for hair removal are completed and there are a few hairs to be removed seek an Electrolysis and be rid of your hair permanently.  Money is not an issue when it comes to removing hair permanently.… Read more