Hair laser removal at home

Hair removal can be quite expensive when done professionally, that’s why many people are opting in for a cheaper alternative which is to carry out the process at their own homes. While it’s safe and easy to carry out a hair removal laser in your home, you’ll need to be aware of other factors that […]

pexels-photo-188691-750x471 Tips For Before, During & After Laser Hair Removal Hair Removal

Tips For Before, During & After Laser Hair Removal

Prices are continuing to come down for laser hair removal treatment, so it’s increasingly becoming an everyday solution to unwanted hair. The main benefit this offers when compared to shaving is that it’s a much more long term solution, making your daily routine a little easier for the foreseeable future. However, it is worth considering […]

Hair Removal Specialists in London

Although we may be based in L.A. we spend a lot of time travelling through the States and beyond! In London, the fashionable capital city of the UK, there are so many people getting into beauty treatments and looking after their appearance with high-tech hair removal, as well as people looking for more traditional grooming […]

Best Ways To Remove Unwanted Hair

Removing unsightly hair can be time consuming and costly.  Hair growing in areas where you do not want it to show is extremely frustrating to both males and females.  Sometimes an individual has dark hair and it sheds a shadow which can be very noticeable.  These types of looks are not appealing.  There are many […]