Hair Removal Specialists in London

Although we may be based in L.A. we spend a lot of time travelling through the States and beyond! In London, the fashionable capital city of the UK, there are so many people getting into beauty treatments and looking after their appearance with high-tech hair removal, as well as people looking for more traditional grooming services.


Drakes of London is one of London’s premier traditional barber shops, offering a range of men’s grooming services like beard styling and trimming, plus haircuts and traditional shaves. However, they also specialise in ultra-modern laser hair removal treatment for men and even offer some excellent discounts on their laser sessions. The results of these procedures have been rated extremely highly.


Another option in London is the SK:N Clinic, one of a national chain of laser treatment specialists. As well as other dermatological procedures including scar treatments, dermal fillers and so on, the experts here pride themselves on the high safety standards in their practice and the level of training all their staff have reached, in order to offer clients peace of mind.


EF Medi Spa is another highly rated provider of laser hair removal in London. They offer a very broad range of services and treatments including some more unusual procedures such as 3D skin lifting and other facial treatments for the skin. Like most laser treatments they recommend returning for multiple sessions, as this is the most effective treatment method.


Our final recommendation would be the award-winning Courthouse Clinics. They are certainly among the top rated clinics in London and come highly recommended for their level of service and the standard of their work. Again this is a chain operating across the UK so you can be confident they know exactly what they’re doing.

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