Hair laser removal at home

Hair removal can be quite expensive when done professionally, that’s why many people are opting in for a cheaper alternative which is to carry out the process at their own homes. While it’s safe and easy to carry out a hair removal laser in your home, you’ll need to be aware of other factors that may affect you.


Suitable for any skin types and hair colours

Did you know that hair removal laser previously only worked for people with dark hair and light skin? With the transformation of technology over the years, a new hair removal laser tool has been created to suit everyone’s hair and skin colour. Previously, hair removal lasers could only detect hairs with dark pigments. However, new hair removal lasers will now work for dark skins and light hairs.


Only works for certain parts of your body

The hair removal laser is very sensitive to other parts of your body including your ears, head, neck, nipples and genitalia. The laser is only suited for your underarms, legs, chest, arms, hands and feet. You also need to be aware that this procedure may not be suitable for anyone with overall sensitive skin.


Easy to use

One of the benefits of having a hair removal laser is that it’s straightforward to use. The laser works by pointing it to the area that you want to remove the hair from.



Although the laser is very easy to use and much cheaper than hiring a professional, the tools can still be quite costly. The cost can vary from £200-£500.


Requires more than one treatment

The hair growth cycle in different parts of your body will vary which means that you will need to carry out more than one treatment to completely remove the hair. It usually takes about 7-8 treatments to remove the hair completely.

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